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A subset of the distribution that can be excluded if unneeded/wanted

Features are created using these keyword arguments:

  'description' -- a short, human readable description of the feature, to
     be used in error messages, and option help messages.

  'standard' -- if true, the feature is included by default if it is
     available on the current system.  Otherwise, the feature is only
     included if requested via a command line '--with-X' option, or if(more...)

src/m/e/merlin-1-1.0/merlin/tests/__init__.py   merlin(Download)
from distutils.errors import DistutilsSetupError
import merlin, merlin.dist
from merlin import Feature
from distutils.core import Extension
from merlin.depends import extract_constant, get_module_constant
    def setUp(self):
        self.req = Require('Distutils','1.0.3','distutils')
        self.dist = makeSetup(
                'foo': Feature("foo",standard=True,require_features=['baz',self.req]),
                'bar': Feature("bar",  standard=True, packages=['pkg.bar'],
                               py_modules=['bar_et'], remove=['bar.ext'],
                'baz': Feature(
                        "baz", optional=False, packages=['pkg.baz'],
                'dwim': Feature("DWIM", available=False, remove='bazish'),
            script_args=['--without-bar', 'install'],