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Yield entry point objects from `group` matching `name`

If `name` is None, yields all entry points in `group` from all
distributions in the working set, otherwise only ones matching
both `group` and `name` are yielded (in distribution order).

src/m/e/merlin-1-1.0/merlin/dist.py   merlin(Download)
        if attrs and 'setup_requires' in attrs:
        for ep in merlin.iter_entry_points('merlin.distutils.setup_keywords'):
            if not hasattr(self,ep.name):
        for ep in merlin.iter_entry_points('merlin.distutils.setup_keywords'):
            value = getattr(self,ep.name,None)
            if value is not None:
            return self.cmdclass[command]
        for ep in merlin.iter_entry_points('merlin.distutils.commands',command):
            self.cmdclass[command] = cmdclass = ep.load()
    def print_commands(self):
        for ep in merlin.iter_entry_points('merlin.distutils.commands'):
            if ep.name not in self.cmdclass:
                cmdclass = ep.load(False) # don't require extras, we're not running
                self.cmdclass[ep.name] = cmdclass

src/m/e/merlin-1-1.0/merlin/command/egg_info.py   merlin(Download)
from distutils.util import convert_path
from distutils.filelist import FileList
from merlin import parse_requirements, safe_name, parse_version, \
    safe_version, yield_lines, EntryPoint, iter_entry_points, to_filename
from sdist import walk_revctrl
    def run(self):
        installer = self.distribution.fetch_build_egg
        for ep in iter_entry_points('merlin.egg_info.writers'):
            writer = ep.load(installer=installer)

src/m/e/merlin-1-1.0/merlin/command/sdist.py   merlin(Download)
def walk_revctrl(dirname=''):
    """Find all files under revision control"""
    for ep in merlin.iter_entry_points('merlin.file_finders'):
        for item in ep.load()(dirname):
            yield item