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Yield ``Requirement`` objects for each specification in `strs`

`strs` must be an instance of ``basestring``, or a (possibly-nested)
iterable thereof.

        def parse_requirements(strs):
    """Yield ``Requirement`` objects for each specification in `strs`

    `strs` must be an instance of ``basestring``, or a (possibly-nested)
    iterable thereof.
    # create a steppable iterator, so we can handle \-continuations
    lines = iter(yield_lines(strs))

    def scan_list(ITEM,TERMINATOR,line,p,groups,item_name):

        items = []

        while not TERMINATOR(line,p):
            if CONTINUE(line,p):
                    line = lines.next(); p = 0
                except StopIteration:
                    raise ValueError(
                        "\\ must not appear on the last nonblank line"

            match = ITEM(line,p)
            if not match:
                raise ValueError("Expected "+item_name+" in",line,"at",line[p:])

            p = match.end()

            match = COMMA(line,p)
            if match:
                p = match.end() # skip the comma
            elif not TERMINATOR(line,p):
                raise ValueError(
                    "Expected ',' or end-of-list in",line,"at",line[p:]

        match = TERMINATOR(line,p)
        if match: p = match.end()   # skip the terminator, if any
        return line, p, items

    for line in lines:
        match = DISTRO(line)
        if not match:
            raise ValueError("Missing distribution spec", line)
        project_name = match.group(1)
        p = match.end()
        extras = []

        match = OBRACKET(line,p)
        if match:
            p = match.end()
            line, p, extras = scan_list(
                DISTRO, CBRACKET, line, p, (1,), "'extra' name"

        line, p, specs = scan_list(VERSION,LINE_END,line,p,(1,2),"version spec")
        specs = [(op,safe_version(val)) for op,val in specs]
        yield Requirement(project_name, specs, extras)

src/m/e/merlin-1-1.0/merlin/dist.py   merlin(Download)
def check_extras(dist, attr, value):
    """Verify that extras_require mapping is valid"""
        for k,v in value.items():
def check_requirements(dist, attr, value):
    """Verify that install_requires is a valid requirements list"""
    except (TypeError,ValueError):
    def fetch_build_eggs(self, requires):
        """Resolve pre-setup requirements"""
        from merlin import working_set, parse_requirements
        for dist in working_set.resolve(
            parse_requirements(requires), installer=self.fetch_build_egg

src/m/e/merlin-1-1.0/merlin/command/egg_info.py   merlin(Download)
from distutils.util import convert_path
from distutils.filelist import FileList
from merlin import parse_requirements, safe_name, parse_version, \
    safe_version, yield_lines, EntryPoint, iter_entry_points, to_filename
from sdist import walk_revctrl
                parse_requirements('%s==%s' % (self.egg_name,self.egg_version))
        except ValueError: