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Yield non-empty/non-comment lines of a ``basestring`` or sequence

        def yield_lines(strs):
    """Yield non-empty/non-comment lines of a ``basestring`` or sequence"""
    if isinstance(strs,basestring):
        for s in strs.splitlines():
            s = s.strip()
            if s and not s.startswith('#'):     # skip blank lines/comments
                yield s
        for ss in strs:
            for s in yield_lines(ss):
                yield s

src/m/e/merlin-1-1.0/merlin/command/egg_info.py   merlin(Download)
from distutils.util import convert_path
from distutils.filelist import FileList
from merlin import parse_requirements, safe_name, parse_version, \
    safe_version, yield_lines, EntryPoint, iter_entry_points, to_filename
from sdist import walk_revctrl
def write_requirements(cmd, basename, filename):
    dist = cmd.distribution
    data = ['\n'.join(yield_lines(dist.install_requires or ()))]
    for extra,reqs in (dist.extras_require or {}).items():
        data.append('\n\n[%s]\n%s' % (extra, '\n'.join(yield_lines(reqs))))