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Messaging is a set of Python modules useful to deal with
*messages*, as used in messaging, see for instance:

The modules include a transport independent message abstraction, a
versatile message generator and several message queues/spools to
locally store messages.

You can download the module at the following link:

src/s/a/sage-HEAD/src/sage/misc/all.py   sage(Download)
import messaging
from ascii_art import ascii_art

src/p/y/pysage-1.6.1/pysage/system.py   pysage(Download)
import struct
import messaging
import transport
import util

src/s/p/spoonrpc-0.1.1/spoon/__init__.py   spoonrpc(Download)
    x.__module__ = "spoon"
import messaging
import routing
import transports

src/m/e/messaging-1.0/setup.py   messaging(Download)
import messaging
NAME = 'messaging'
DESCRIPTION = "Messaging related modules"