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Return true iff s is a valid SMTP address

        def isSMTPMailbox(s):
    """Return true iff s is a valid SMTP address"""
    m = RFC822_RE.match(s)
    if m is None:
        return 0
    m = EMAIL_BY_IP_RE.match(s)
    return m is None

src/m/i/mixminion-HEAD/lib/mixminion/server/Modules.py   mixminion(Download)
import mixminion.server.PacketHandler
from mixminion.Config import ConfigError
from mixminion.Common import LOG, MixError, ceilDiv, createPrivateDir, \
     encodeBase64, floorDiv, isPrintingAscii, isSMTPMailbox, previousMidnight,\
     readFile, waitForChildren
            arg = line[2].strip()
            if cmd == 'address':
                if not isSMTPMailbox(arg):
                    raise ConfigError("Address %s on %s doesn't look valid"%(
                        arg, lineno))
                self.addresses[arg.lower()] = 1
            elif cmd == 'user':
                if not isSMTPMailbox(arg+"@x"):
                self.users[arg.lower()] = 1
            elif cmd == 'onehost':
                if not isSMTPMailbox("x@"+arg):
                    raise ConfigError("Domain %s on %s doesn't look valid"%(
                        arg, lineno))
                if not self.domains.has_key(arg.lower()):
                    self.domains[arg.lower()] = 1
            elif cmd == 'allhosts':
                if not isSMTPMailbox("x@"+arg):

src/m/i/mixminion-HEAD/lib/mixminion/ClientMain.py   mixminion(Download)
import mixminion.MMTPClient
from mixminion.Common import LOG, Lockfile, LockfileLocked, MixError, \
     MixFatalError, MixProtocolBadAuth, MixProtocolError, STATUS, UIError, \
     UsageError, createPrivateDir, englishSequence, floorDiv, formatTime, \

src/m/i/mixminion-HEAD/lib/mixminion/Packet.py   mixminion(Download)
import zlib
from socket import inet_ntoa, inet_aton
from mixminion.Common import MixError, MixFatalError, encodeBase64, \
     floorDiv, formatBase64, formatTime, isSMTPMailbox, LOG, armorText, \
     unarmorText, isPlausibleHostname
def parseSMTPInfo(s):
    """Convert the encoding of an SMTP exitinfo into an SMTPInfo object."""
    if not isSMTPMailbox(s):
        raise ParseError("Invalid rfc822 mailbox %r" % s)
    return SMTPInfo(s)

src/m/i/mixminion-HEAD/lib/mixminion/ClientDirectory.py   mixminion(Download)
import mixminion.ServerInfo
from mixminion.Common import LOG, MixError, MixFatalError, UIError, \
     ceilDiv, createPrivateDir, formatDate, formatFnameTime, openUnique, \
     previousMidnight, readPickled, readPossiblyGzippedFile, \
        return ExitAddress(tp, s[7:])
    elif ':' not in s:
        if isSMTPMailbox(s):
            return ExitAddress('smtp', s)

src/m/i/mixminion-HEAD/lib/mixminion/Config.py   mixminion(Download)
def _parseEmail(s):
    s = s.strip()
    if not mixminion.Common.isSMTPMailbox(s):
        raise ConfigError("%r is not a valid email address."%s)
    return s