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Compute ceil(a / b). See comments for portability notes.

        def ceilDiv(a,b):
    "Compute ceil(a / b). See comments for portability notes."
    return divmod(a-1,b)[0]+1

src/m/i/mixminion-HEAD/lib/mixminion/Fragments.py   mixminion(Download)
import mixminion._minionlib
import mixminion.Filestore
from mixminion.Crypto import ceilDiv, getCommonPRNG, sha1, whiten, unwhiten
from mixminion.Common import disp64, LOG, previousMidnight, MixError, \
        # minimum number of payloads to hold msg, without fragmentation
        # or padding.
        minFragments = ceilDiv(length, self.fragCapacity)
        assert minFragments >= 2
        # Number of data fragments per chunk.
        self.k = 2
        while self.k < minFragments and self.k < MAX_FRAGMENTS_PER_CHUNK:
            self.k *= 2
        # Number of chunks.
        self.nChunks = ceilDiv(minFragments, self.k)