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Given four 20-byte keys, encrypts s using the LIONESS
super-pseudorandom permutation.

        def lioness_encrypt(s,(key1,key2,key3,key4)):
    """Given four 20-byte keys, encrypts s using the LIONESS
       super-pseudorandom permutation.

    assert len(key1) == len(key3) == DIGEST_LEN
    assert len(key2) == len(key4) == DIGEST_LEN
    assert len(s) > DIGEST_LEN

    # Split the message.
    left = s[:DIGEST_LEN]
    right = s[DIGEST_LEN:]
    del s
    # Performance note: This business with sha1("".join((key,right,key)))
    # may look slow, but it contributes only .7% to the total time for
    # LIONESS.
    right = _ml.aes_ctr128_crypt(
        right, 0)
    left = _ml.strxor(left,  _ml.sha1("".join((key2,right,key2))))
    right = _ml.aes_ctr128_crypt(
        right, 0)
    left = _ml.strxor(left,  _ml.sha1("".join((key4,right,key4))))

    # You could write the above as:
    #   right = ctr_crypt(right, "".join((key1,left,key1))[:AES_KEY_LEN])
    #   left = strxor(left, sha1("".join((key2,right,key2))))
    #   right = ctr_crypt(right, "".join((key3,left,key3))[:AES_KEY_LEN])
    #   left = strxor(left, sha1("".join((key4,right,key4))))
    # but that would be slower by about 10%.  (Since LIONESS is in the
    # critical path, we care.)

    return left + right

src/m/i/mixminion-HEAD/lib/mixminion/BuildMessage.py   mixminion(Download)
    # Lioness encryption.
    k= Crypto.Keyset(sessionKey).getLionessKeys(Crypto.END_TO_END_ENCRYPT_MODE)
    lionessPart = Crypto.lioness_encrypt(lionessPart, k)
    # Now we re-divide the payload into the part that goes into the tag, and
    for sec in secrets:
        k = Crypto.Keyset(sec).getLionessKeys(Crypto.PAYLOAD_ENCRYPT_MODE)
        payload = Crypto.lioness_encrypt(payload, k)
        if check and _checkPayload(payload):
            return parsePayload(payload)
            ks = Crypto.Keyset(secret)
            key = ks.getLionessKeys(Crypto.PAYLOAD_ENCRYPT_MODE)
            payload = Crypto.lioness_encrypt(payload, key)
    # Encrypt header2 with a hash of the payload.
    key = Crypto.lioness_keys_from_payload(payload)
    header2 = Crypto.lioness_encrypt(header2, key)
    # both unrecoverable.
    key = Crypto.lioness_keys_from_header(header2)
    payload = Crypto.lioness_encrypt(payload, key)
    # Copy secrets1 so we don't reverse the original.

src/m/i/mixminion-HEAD/lib/mixminion/testSupport.py   mixminion(Download)
    print "      Example text M:",hexStr(txt)
    print "   SPRP_Encrypt(K,M):",hexStr(mixminion.Crypto.lioness_encrypt(
    print "   SPRP_Decrypt(K,M):",hexStr(mixminion.Crypto.lioness_decrypt(