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src/o/p/OpenEats-HEAD/list/views.py   OpenEats(Download)
from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
from recipe.models import Recipe
from models import GroceryList, GroceryItem, GroceryShared, GroceryAisle, GroceryRecipe
from forms import GroceryListForm, GroceryItemFormSet,GroceryUserList,GrocerySendMail, GroceryShareTo, GroceryAisleForm
from datetime import date
def groceryAisle(request):
    '''used by users to manage their grocery aisles '''
    aisles = GroceryAisle.objects.filter(author=request.user)
    grocery_aisle = GroceryAisle()
    grocery_aisle.author = request.user

src/o/p/OpenEats-HEAD/list/admin.py   OpenEats(Download)
from django.contrib import admin
from models import GroceryList, GroceryItem, GroceryAisle, GroceryShared,GroceryRecipe
from forms import GroceryItemFormSet
class GroceryListInline(admin.TabularInline):

src/o/p/OpenEats-HEAD/list/forms.py   OpenEats(Download)
from django.forms import ModelForm, forms
import django.forms as forms
from django.forms.widgets import HiddenInput
from django.http import HttpResponse
from models import GroceryList,GroceryShared,GroceryAisle