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src/f/l/Flask-AppBuilder-HEAD/examples/quickhowto2/app/views.py   Flask-AppBuilder(Download)
from app import app, db
from .models import Group, Gender, Contact

src/f/l/Flask-AppBuilder-HEAD/examples/quickhowto/app/views.py   Flask-AppBuilder(Download)
from app import app, db
from .models import Group, Gender, Contact

src/f/l/Flask-AppBuilder-HEAD/examples/masterdetail/app/views.py   Flask-AppBuilder(Download)
from app import app, db
from models import Group, Gender, Contact

src/t/e/teaspoon-HEAD/setup/auth.py   teaspoon(Download)
from models import dbsession, Group, Permission, User
# Groups and Permissions
g_admins = Group(
    group_name = 'admins',

src/f/l/Flask-AppBuilder-HEAD/examples/quickimages/app/views.py   Flask-AppBuilder(Download)
from models import Person, Group
from flask.ext.appbuilder.baseapp import BaseApp
from flask.ext.appbuilder.views import GeneralView, BaseView
from flask.ext.appbuilder.charts.views import ChartView
from flask.ext.appbuilder.models.datamodel import SQLAModel

src/o/p/openrunlog-HEAD/openrunlog/groups.py   openrunlog(Download)
        group = models.Group(name=name, url=url)

src/b/o/bodhi-HEAD/bodhi/security.py   bodhi(Download)
from . import log
from .models import User, Group, Update
        group = db.query(Group).filter_by(name=important_group).first()
        if not group:
            group = Group(name=important_group)

src/r/i/ritremixerator-0.3/dorrie/comps/helper.py   ritremixerator(Download)
import os
from django.conf import settings
from models import Spin, Group, Package
def get_spin(id):
        group = Group.objects.get(name__exact=name)
        group = Group(name=name)
    return group

src/x/i/Ximpia-0.2.1/ximpia/xpsite/data.py   Ximpia(Download)
from django.db.models import Q
from models import Address, Category, Group, GroupAccess, GroupTag, Invitation, InvitationMeta, MetaKey, Param, Setting, SignupData
from models import SocialNetworkUser, Tag, TagMode, UserAddress, UserChannel, UserChannelGroup, UserMeta, UserProfile

src/x/i/Ximpia-0.2.1/ximpia/xpsite/admin.py   Ximpia(Download)
# coding: utf-8
from models import Tag, Invitation, Param, UserChannel, SocialNetworkUser, Setting, Address, Category, MetaKey,\
	SignupData, TagMode, UserMeta, UserProfile, InvitationMeta, GroupTag, UserAddress, Group, UserChannelGroup

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