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src/n/o/nodeshot-HEAD/nodeshot/community/mailing/admin.py   nodeshot(Download)
from nodeshot.core.base.admin import BaseAdmin
from nodeshot.core.layers.models import Layer
from .models import Inward, Outward
import os

src/n/o/nodeshot-HEAD/nodeshot/community/mailing/views.py   nodeshot(Download)
from .serializers import *
from .models import Inward
            raise Http404('Not Found')
        self.object = Inward()
    def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
        # init inward message
        message = Inward()
        # required fields
        message.content_type = content_type

src/n/o/nodeshot-HEAD/nodeshot/community/mailing/serializers.py   nodeshot(Download)
from rest_framework import serializers
from .models import Inward

src/n/o/nodeshot-HEAD/nodeshot/community/mailing/tests.py   nodeshot(Download)
from nodeshot.core.base.tests import user_fixtures
from .models import Inward, Outward
from .models.choices import GROUPS, FILTERS
    def test_inward_model(self):
        """ ensure inward model validation works as expected """
        message = Inward(message='this is a test to ensure inward model validation works as expected')
        content_type = ContentType.objects.only('id', 'model').get(model='node')