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src/h/u/hunch-sample-app-HEAD/django/contrib/gis/tests/relatedapp/tests.py   hunch-sample-app(Download)
from django.contrib.gis.tests.utils import mysql, oracle, postgis, spatialite, no_mysql, no_oracle, no_spatialite
from django.conf import settings
from models import City, Location, DirectoryEntry, Parcel, Book, Author, Article
cities = (('Aurora', 'TX', -97.516111, 33.058333),

src/d/j/django-admin2-HEAD/example/blog/tests/test_nestedobjects.py   django-admin2(Download)
from djadmin2.utils import NestedObjects
from ..models import Count, Event, EventGuide, Guest, Location

src/d/j/django-angular-example-HEAD/example/quiz/api.py   django-angular-example(Download)
from tastypie.authorization import Authorization
from models import QuickStats, Location, UserAttribute
import pdb

src/w/a/waldo-0.1/waldo/hpa/load.py   waldo(Download)
        for name in locations:
            session.add(models.Location(name, gene))

src/f/l/flightloggin2-HEAD/airport/tests.py   flightloggin2(Download)
        finds which state the location is in is working
        from models import Location
        pt = (34.322631,-84.481517) # in georgia
        loc = Location(
        finds which state the location is in is working
        from models import Location
        pt = (-2.4,2.1) # in the middle of the ocean
        loc = Location(

src/m/i/mirror-api-HEAD/mirror_api/mirror_api.py   mirror-api(Download)
from models import Action
from models import ActionResponse
from models import Location
from models import AttachmentListRequest
from models import AttachmentRequest

src/p/a/pari-HEAD/pari/article/ajax.py   pari(Download)
from pari.search.models import get_search_results
from .models import (Category, Type, Location, Author,
                     get_category_articles, get_location_articles, get_keyword_articles,
                     get_author_articles, get_archive_articles, get_all_articles)

src/p/a/pari-HEAD/pari/article/admin.py   pari(Download)
from mezzanine.core.admin import DisplayableAdmin, TabularDynamicInlineAdmin
from .models import Article, ArticleCarouselImage, Location, Category, Type, Author
from .forms import LocationForm, CategoryForm, TypeForm, AuthorForm

src/j/u/julython.org-HEAD/july/people/admin.py   julython.org(Download)
from django.contrib import admin
from models import Team, Commit, Location, AchievedBadge, Project
from models import Badge, Language

src/d/j/django-bazaar-HEAD/bazaar/warehouse/api/stock.py   django-bazaar(Download)
def get_supplier_quantity(product, **kwargs):
    from ..models import Location
    return get_stock_quantity(product, Location.LOCATION_SUPPLIER, **kwargs)
def get_supplier_price(product, **kwargs):
    from ..models import Location
def get_storage_quantity(product, **kwargs):
    from ..models import Location
    return get_stock_quantity(product, Location.LOCATION_STORAGE, **kwargs)
def get_storage_price(product, **kwargs):
    from ..models import Location
def get_output_quantity(product, **kwargs):
    from ..models import Location
    return get_stock_quantity(product, Location.LOCATION_OUTPUT, **kwargs)

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