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src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/crypter/DataHuFolder.py   pyload(Download)
                self.fail("Incorrect password, please set right password on Add package form and retry")
        package_name, folder_name = self.getPackageNameAndFolder()
        package_links = re.findall(self.LINK_PATTERN, self.html)

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/crypter/NetfolderIn.py   pyload(Download)
        # Get package name and folder
        (package_name, folder_name) = self.getPackageNameAndFolder()
        # Get package links

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/crypter/UploadedToFolder.py   pyload(Download)
    def decrypt(self, pyfile):
        self.html = self.load(pyfile.url)
        package_name, folder_name = self.getPackageNameAndFolder()