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src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/LetitbitNet.py   pyload(Download)
        if response == "error_free_download_blocked":
            self.logInfo("Daily limit reached, waiting 24 hours")
            self.wait(24 * 60 * 60)
        if response == "error_wrong_captcha":
            self.logInfo("Wrong Captcha")

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/DepositfilesCom.py   pyload(Download)
        if re.search(r'File is checked, please try again in a minute.', self.html) is not None:
            self.logInfo("DepositFiles.com: The file is being checked. Waiting 1 minute.")
        wait = re.search(r'html_download_api-limit_interval\">(\d+)</span>', self.html)
        if wait:
            wait_time = int(wait.group(1))
            self.logInfo("%s: Traffic used up. Waiting %d seconds." % (self.__name__, wait_time))
        if wait:
            wait_time = int(wait.group(1))
            self.logInfo("%s: All free slots occupied. Waiting %d minutes." % (self.__name__, wait_time))
            self.setWait(wait_time * 60, False)

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/FshareVn.py   pyload(Download)
        elif 'link_file_pwd_dl' in inputs:
            for password in self.getPassword().splitlines():
                self.logInfo('Password protected link, trying "%s"' % password)
                inputs['link_file_pwd_dl'] = password
                self.html = self.load(self.url, post=inputs, decode=True)
        found = re.search(self.WAIT_PATTERN, self.html)
        if found:
            self.logInfo("Wait until %s ICT" % found.group(1))
            wait_until = mktime(strptime(found.group(1), "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M"))
            self.wait(wait_until - mktime(gmtime()) - 7 * 60 * 60, True)

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/MegasharesCom.py   pyload(Download)
                verifyinput = self.decryptCaptcha(
                    "http://d01.megashares.com/index.php?secgfx=gfx&random_num=%s" % random_num)
                self.logInfo("Reactivating passport %s: %s %s" % (passport_num, random_num, verifyinput))
                url = ("http://d01.megashares.com%s&rs=check_passport_renewal" % request_uri +
        if not found:
            self.fail('Passport not found')
        self.logInfo("Download passport: %s" % found.group(1))
        data_left = float(found.group(2)) * 1024 ** {'KB': 1, 'MB': 2, 'GB': 3}[found.group(3)]
        self.logInfo("Data left: %s %s (%d MB needed)" % (found.group(2), found.group(3), self.pyfile.size / 1048576))

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/UlozTo.py   pyload(Download)
        if re.search(self.ADULT_PATTERN, self.html):
            self.logInfo("Adult content confirmation needed. Proceeding..")
            found = re.search(self.TOKEN_PATTERN, self.html)
            if passwords:
                password = passwords.pop(0)
                self.logInfo("Password protected link, trying " + password)
                self.html = self.load(pyfile.url, get={"do": "passwordProtectedForm-submit"},
                                      post={"password": password, "password_send": 'Send'}, cookies=True)

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/CzshareCom.py   pyload(Download)
            credit = parseFileSize(found.group(1).replace(' ', ''), found.group(2))
            self.logInfo("Premium download for %i KiB of Credit" % (self.pyfile.size / 1024))
            self.logInfo("User %s has %i KiB left" % (self.user, credit / 1024))
            if credit < self.pyfile.size:
                self.logInfo("Not enough credit to download file %s" % self.pyfile.name)

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/EgoFilesCom.py   pyload(Download)
            m = re.search(self.DIRECT_LINK_PATTERN, self.html)
            if not m:
                self.logInfo('Wrong captcha')
            elif hasattr(m, 'group'):

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/LuckyShareNet.py   pyload(Download)
            elif 'Verification failed' in rep:
                self.logInfo('Wrong captcha')

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/FilerNet.py   pyload(Download)
                self.logInfo('Wrong captcha')

src/p/y/pyload-HEAD/module/plugins/hoster/MediafireCom.py   pyload(Download)
            if len(passwords):
                password = passwords.pop(0)
                self.logInfo("Password protected link, trying " + password)
                self.html = self.load(self.url, post={"downloadp": password})

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