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src/p/y/py2app-0.8/py2app/build_app.py   py2app(Download)
        target_dir = os.path.join(target_dir, *(package.identifier.split('.')))
        for dname in package.packagepath:
            filenames = list(filter(datafilter, zipio.listdir(dname)))
            for fname in filenames:
                if fname in ('.svn', 'CVS', '.hg', '.git'):
                if zipio.isdir(pth):
                    # XXX: the 'and not' part is wrong, need to fix zipio.isdir
                    for p in zipio.listdir(pth):
                        if p.startswith('__init__.') and p[8:] in exts:

src/p/y/py2app-0.8/py2app/util.py   py2app(Download)
            if not os.path.exists(destination):
        for fn in zipio.listdir(source):
            copy_resource(os.path.join(source, fn),
                    os.path.join(destination, fn), dry_run=dry_run, symlink=symlink)
              "cannot copy tree '%s': not a directory" % src)
        names = zipio.listdir(src)
    except os.error as exc:
        (errno, errstr) = exc.args

src/m/o/modulegraph-0.11.1/modulegraph/modulegraph.py   modulegraph(Download)
    warnings.warn("Use zipio.listdir instead of os_listdir",
    return zipio.listdir(path)
        for path in m.packagepath:
                names = zipio.listdir(path)
            except (os.error, IOError):
                self.msg(2, "can't list directory", path)