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src/m/u/mudpuppy-HEAD/modules/orchestra.py   mudpuppy(Download)
from modules.base import Automatia
import config
import util
try: import json
except: import simplejson as json
class OrchestraAutomatia(Automatia):

src/m/u/mudpuppy-HEAD/modules/test.py   mudpuppy(Download)
'''modules for use in unit testing'''
from modules.base import Automatia, CannotAutomateException
from modules.orchestra import OrchestraAutomatia, OrchestraMetadataAutomatia
class TestModule(Automatia):
class TestModuleUnimplemented(Automatia):
	'''Test item automation model
	Raises NotImplementedError when mudpuppy tries to call do_magic
	can_handle = ('TestUnimplementedModuleItem',)
class TestAlwaysAutomates(Automatia):
class TestFakeIP(Automatia):
	'''Test item automation model to add task metadata
	Adds a dummy IP address to the task metadata
	can_handle = ('TestFakeIPitem',)