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generic devicemanager exception.

src/m/o/mozb2g-0.4/mozb2g/b2gmixin.py   mozb2g(Download)
from marionette import Marionette
from mozdevice import DeviceManagerADB, DeviceManagerSUT, DMError
import mozfile
            except Exception as e:
                raise DMError("Could not connect to marionette: %s" % e)
        raise DMError("Could not communicate with Marionette port")
        if tries == 0:
            raise DMError("Could not kill b2g process")
        self.shellCheckOutput(['start', 'b2g'])
            tries -= 1
        raise DMError("Could not set up network connection")
    def restoreProfile(self):

src/m/o/mozrunner-5.36/mozrunner/remote.py   mozrunner(Download)
import time
from mozdevice import DMError
import mozfile
import mozlog
        if not self.dm.fileExists(self.remote_profiles_ini):
            raise DMError("The profiles.ini file '%s' does not exist on the device" % self.remote_profiles_ini)
        local_profiles_ini = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile()

src/m/o/mozpool-4.1.5/mozpool/bmm/sut.py   mozpool(Download)
import posixpath
import tempfile
from mozdevice import DeviceManagerSUT, DMError
logger = logging.getLogger('sut.cli')

src/m/a/marionette_client-0.7.7/marionette/emulator.py   marionette_client(Download)
from b2ginstance import B2GInstance
import datetime
from mozdevice import devicemanagerADB, DMError
from mozprocess import ProcessHandlerMixin
import os

src/a/u/autophone-HEAD/tests/runtestsremote.py   autophone(Download)
import re
import time
from mozdevice import DMError
import newlogparser