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Implementation of DeviceManager interface that speaks to a device over
TCP/IP using the "system under test" protocol. A software agent such as
Negatus (http://github.com/mozilla/Negatus) or the Mozilla Android SUTAgent
app must be present and listening for connections for this to work.

src/m/o/mozpool-4.1.5/mozpool/bmm/sut.py   mozpool(Download)
import posixpath
import tempfile
from mozdevice import DeviceManagerSUT, DMError
logger = logging.getLogger('sut.cli')
    DeviceManagerSUT.default_timeout = 15
        DeviceManagerSUT(device_fqdn, retryLimit=1)
    except DMError, e:
        logger.error('Exception initiating DeviceManager!: %s' % str(e))
    DeviceManagerSUT.default_timeout = 15
        dm = DeviceManagerSUT(device_fqdn)
        dev_root = dm.getDeviceRoot()
        if dev_root:
    DeviceManagerSUT.default_timeout = 15
        dm = DeviceManagerSUT(device_fqdn, retryLimit=1)
    except DMError, e:

src/m/a/marionette_client-0.7.7/marionette/runner/mixins/b2g.py   marionette_client(Download)
            if not host:
                raise Exception('Must specify host with SUT!')
            return mozdevice.DeviceManagerSUT(host=host)
            raise Exception('Unknown device manager type: %s' % dm_type)

src/m/o/mozversion-0.4/mozversion/mozversion.py   mozversion(Download)
            if not host:
                raise Exception('A host for SUT must be supplied.')
            dm = mozdevice.DeviceManagerSUT(host=host)
            raise Exception('Unknown device manager type: %s' % dm_type)

src/a/u/autophone-HEAD/publishAgentIni.py   autophone(Download)
from optparse import OptionParser
from mozdevice import DeviceManagerSUT
def main(ip, port, filename):
    dm = DeviceManagerSUT(ip, port)

src/m/o/mozb2g-0.4/mozb2g/b2gmixin.py   mozb2g(Download)
from marionette import Marionette
from mozdevice import DeviceManagerADB, DeviceManagerSUT, DMError
import mozfile
class DeviceSUT(DeviceManagerSUT, B2GMixin):
    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        DeviceManagerSUT.__init__(self, **kwargs)
        B2GMixin.__init__(self, **kwargs)

src/a/u/autophone-HEAD/selftest/phoneworker.py   autophone(Download)
class MockDeviceManagerSUT(mozdevice.DeviceManagerSUT):
    def getDeviceRoot(self):