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src/w/p/wptrunner-0.2.5/wptrunner/metadata.py   wptrunner(Download)
manifest = None # Module that will be imported relative to test_root
logger = structuredlog.StructuredLogger("web-platform-tests")
def manifest_path(metadata_root):

src/w/p/wptrunner-0.2.5/wptrunner/testrunner.py   wptrunner(Download)
        that the manager should shut down the next time the event loop
        self.logger = structuredlog.StructuredLogger(self.suite_name)
        with self.browser_cls(self.logger, **self.browser_kwargs) as browser:
            self.browser = browser
        #of sigint
        self.stop_flag = threading.Event()
        self.logger = structuredlog.StructuredLogger(suite_name)
    def __enter__(self):