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src/m/o/mozpool-4.1.5/mozpool/test/unit/bmm/test_relay.py   mozpool(Download)
    def setUp(self):
        # start up a fake relay server, and set relay.PORT to point to it
        self.relayboard = fakerelay.RelayBoard('test', ('', 0), record_actions=True)
        self.relayboard.add_relay(2, 2, fakerelay.Relay())
        thd = self.relayboard.spawn_one()

src/m/o/mozpool-4.1.5/mozpool/test/fakedevices.py   mozpool(Download)
class Relay(fakerelay.Relay):
    def __init__(self, device, initial_status=1):
        super(Relay, self).__init__(initial_status)
        self.device = device