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Convenience class for handling processes with default output handlers.

If no processOutputLine keyword argument is specified, write all
output to stdout.  Otherwise, the function or the list of functions
specified by this argument will be called for each line of output;
the output will not be written to stdout automatically.

If storeOutput==True, the output produced by the process will be saved
as self.output.

src/m/o/mozrunner-5.36/mozrunner/base.py   mozrunner(Download)
import traceback
from mozprocess.processhandler import ProcessHandler
import mozcrash
import mozlog

src/b/2/b2gautomation-HEAD/b2gautomation/mochilog.py   b2gautomation(Download)
from logparser import LogParser
from mozautolog import RESTfulAutologTestGroup as AutologTestGroup
from mozprocess.processhandler import ProcessHandler
from optparse import OptionParser
import os