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src/c/o/collective.anonymousbrowser-0.11/src/collective/anonymousbrowser/real.py   collective.anonymousbrowser(Download)
import threading
import re
import mozrunner
from mozrunner import global_settings
from decorator import decorator

src/w/i/windmill-1.6/windmill/dep/__init__.py   windmill(Download)
    # To check that it's a mozrunner 1.x based version, 2.x doesn't have global_settings anymore
    import mozrunner.global_settings
    import mozrunner
    import _mozrunner as mozrunner

src/m/o/mozmill-2.0.6/mozmill/__init__.py   mozmill(Download)
from manifestparser import TestManifest
import mozinfo
import mozrunner
from mozrunner.utils import get_metadata_from_egg