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Run self.command in the proper environment

returns the process id

:param debug_args: arguments for the debugger
:param interactive: uses subprocess.Popen directly
:param timeout: see process_handler.run()
:param outputTimeout: see process_handler.run()

src/w/p/wptrunner-0.2.5/wptrunner/browser.py   wptrunner(Download)
        self.logger.debug("Starting Firefox")
        self.logger.debug("Firefox Started")

src/r/u/runFBTests-2.0.1/runFBTests/fb_run.py   runFBTests(Download)
            self.log.debug("Running '" + self.binary + " -no-remote -runFBTests " + self.testlist + "'")
        except Exception, e:
            self.log.error("Could not start Firefox")