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TestCase for writing functional tests using WebTest.

This TestCase subclass provides an easy mechanism to write functional
tests using WebTest.  It exposes a TestApp instance as self.app.

If the environment variable MOZSVC_TEST_REMOTE is set to a URL, then
self.app will be a WSGIProxy application that forwards all requests to
that server.  This allows the functional tests to be easily run against
a live server instance.

src/s/e/server-syncstorage-HEAD/syncstorage/tests/functional/support.py   server-syncstorage(Download)
from pyramid.interfaces import IAuthenticationPolicy
from mozsvc.tests.support import FunctionalTestCase
from syncstorage.tests.support import StorageTestCase
class StorageFunctionalTestCase(FunctionalTestCase, StorageTestCase):