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src/k/a/kaa-metadata-0.7.8dev-r4569-20111003/src/audio/eyeD3/__init__.py   kaa-metadata(Download)
import frames;
import mp3;
import tag;
from tag import *;

src/k/a/kaa-metadata-HEAD/src/audio/eyeD3/__init__.py   kaa-metadata(Download)
import frames;
import mp3;
import tag;
from tag import *;

src/n/i/nicotine-plus-HEAD/pynicotine/transfers.py   nicotine-plus(Download)
import string, re
import time
import mp3
import locale
import utils

src/n/i/nicotine-plus-HEAD/pynicotine/shares.py   nicotine-plus(Download)
except ImportError:
	log.addwarning("Failed to import the Mutagen library, falling back to old library. To improve meta data please install Mutagen.")
	import mp3 as metadata
win32 = sys.platform.startswith("win")

src/p/y/pymp3utils-HEAD/pymp3utils/mp3sum/__init__.py   pymp3utils(Download)
import eyeD3
import mp3 as MP3
from pymp3utils import get_filename, get_tag

src/c/a/canta-HEAD/canta/metadata/__init__.py   canta(Download)
from _base import *
import asf, flac, mod, mp3, mp4, mpc, ogg, sid, speex, tta, wav, wv
# lossy:    aac (in m4a), mp2, mp3, musepack, speex, vorbis, wma

src/m/u/music-share-HEAD/lib/__init__.py   music-share(Download)
import mp3
import os
def freespace(p):

src/n/i/nicotine-plus-HEAD/pynicotine/_testmp3.py   nicotine-plus(Download)
from os import listdir
from os.path import isdir, join
import mp3 as mp3original
import metadata_mutagen as mp3mutagen

src/p/y/python-mp3-HEAD/src/mp3/tests/__init__.py   python-mp3(Download)
import StringIO
import unittest
import struct
import mp3