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src/p/y/py-sdm-HEAD/sdm/sdm.py   py-sdm(Download)
                    rmse, iteritems, iterkeys, izip, identity, lazy_range,
                    get_status_fn, read_cell_array)
from .mp_utils import ForkedData, get_pool, progressbar_and_updater
from .np_divs import (estimate_divs,
                      check_h5_settings, add_to_h5_cache, normalize_div_name)
        # actually do it
        problems = Counter()
        with get_pool(self.n_proc) as pool:
            for ps, val, status in pool.imap_unordered(try_params, param_grid):
                idx = tuple(param_d[k].searchsorted(ps[k]) for k in param_names)