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Base class for any error originating during syncing.

src/m/i/Mirror-MediaMonkey-to-Google-Music-HEAD/sync2gm/mediamonkey.py   Mirror-MediaMonkey-to-Google-Music(Download)
from collections import namedtuple
from mpconf import MPConf, ActionPair, TriggerDef, HandlerResult, Handler, GMSyncError, LocalOutdated
from gmusicapi import CallFailure
        if d_letter < 26: d_letter = chr(d_letter + 65) #assumed given a 0-25 ord
        elif d_letter > 90: d_letter = chr(d_letter - 32) #assumed given a lowercase ascii
        else: raise GMSyncError("Could not coerce mediamonkey drive letter to a character. Given: " + repr(d_letter) + " for local_id: " + repr(local_id))
        return d_letter + path
        raise GMSyncError("Drive letter or path null for local_id: " + repr(local_id))