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A Handler can push out local changes to Google Music.

A mediaplayer config defines one for each kind of local change (eg the addition of a song).

src/m/i/Mirror-MediaMonkey-to-Google-Music-HEAD/sync2gm/mediamonkey.py   Mirror-MediaMonkey-to-Google-Music(Download)
from collections import namedtuple
from mpconf import MPConf, ActionPair, TriggerDef, HandlerResult, Handler, GMSyncError, LocalOutdated
from gmusicapi import CallFailure
class cSongHandler(Handler):
    def push_changes(self):
        path = get_path(self.local_id, self.mp_cur)
        self.log.info("song path: %s", path)
class uSongHandler(Handler):
    def push_changes(self):
        mm_md = self.mp_cur.execute("SELECT %s FROM Songs WHERE ID=?" % mm_sql_cols, (self.local_id,)).fetchone()
        if mm_md is None:
class dSongHandler(Handler):
    def push_changes(self):
        delIds = self.api.delete_songs(self.gms_id)
        return HandlerResult(action='delete', item_type='song', gm_id=delIds[0])
class cPlaylistHandler(Handler):