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src/p/i/pipobot-modules-HEAD/botmpd/libmpd/BotMPD.py   pipobot-modules(Download)
    def currentsongf(self):
        song = self.currentsong()
        return utils.format(song)
    def current(self):
        song = self.currentsong()
    def nextplaylist(self, nb):
        current = self.currentsong()
        playlist = self.playlistinfo()
        deb = int(current['pos'])
        end = int(self.status()["playlistlength"])
    def setnext(self, nb):
        song = self.currentsong()
        current = song["pos"]
        icurrent = int(current)
        if nb < icurrent:
    def goto(self, pos):
            song = self.currentsong()
            current = song["pos"]
            icurrent = int(current)

src/w/h/WhergBot2.0-HEAD/Plugins/PyMpd/Main.py   WhergBot2.0(Download)
def mpdshow_cb(t=True):
	if mpd_connect():
		current_song = client.currentsong()
		current_status = client.status()
		song_filename = os.path.basename(current_song["file"])

src/t/a/Talho-HEAD/modules/mpdmod.py   Talho(Download)
	    result = _("unknown command")
        current_track = client.currentsong()
        if "pos" in current_track:
            status = client.status()

src/p/o/powerline-status-0.0.1/powerline/segments/common.py   powerline-status(Download)
			client = mpd.MPDClient()
			client.connect(host, port)
			now_playing = client.currentsong()
			if not now_playing:

src/p/o/powerline-HEAD/powerline/segments/common.py   powerline(Download)
			client = mpd.MPDClient()
			client.connect(host, port)
			now_playing = client.currentsong()
			if not now_playing:

src/d/y/DynaMPD-HEAD/dynampd.py   DynaMPD(Download)
                if state == 'play':
                    elapsed = self.status()['time'].split(':')[0]
                    currentsong = self.currentsong()
                    (artist, title, duration) = (currentsong.get('artist'), currentsong.get('title'), currentsong.get('time').split(":")[0])
                    if artist and title and prev != (artist, title) and is_worth_listening(int(elapsed), int(duration)):

src/a/u/autoplay-HEAD/autoplay.py   autoplay(Download)
            pos = int(times[0])
            end = int(times[1])
            currentsong = client.currentsong()
            if not armed and "id" in currentsong and not songid == currentsong["id"]:
              armed = True

src/h/e/hesperus-HEAD/hesperus/plugins/mpdquery.py   hesperus(Download)
    def music(self, chans, name, match, direct, reply):
        client = mpd.MPDClient()
        client.connect(self.mpdhost, self.mpdport)
        status = client.status()
        songinfo = client.currentsong()

src/p/o/poezio-0.8.1/plugins/mpd_client.py   poezio(Download)
        if password:
        current = c.currentsong()
        artist = current.get('artist', 'Unknown artist')
        album = current.get('album', 'Unknown album')

src/m/p/MPD-Album-Art-0.1/mpd_album_art.py   MPD-Album-Art(Download)
    current_song = mpd_client.currentsong()
    if current_song == {}:

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