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src/p/i/pipobot-modules-HEAD/botmpd/libmpd/BotMPD.py   pipobot-modules(Download)
    def nextplaylist(self, nb):
        current = self.currentsong()
        playlist = self.playlistinfo()
        deb = int(current['pos'])
        end = int(self.status()["playlistlength"])
    def clean(self):
        nightmare = self.lsinfo("nightmare")
        playlist = self.playlistinfo()
        for elt in nightmare:
            for eltplaylist in playlist:

src/p/y/pyBus-HEAD/lib/pyBus_module_audio.py   pyBus(Download)
    logging.info('Connected to MPD server')
    PLAYLIST = CLIENT.playlistinfo()
    LIBRARY  = CLIENT.listallinfo()