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src/m/p/mpdc-HEAD/mpdc/libs/mpdhelper.py   mpdc(Download)
    def get_all_songs_tags(self, update=False):
        if self.all_songs_tags is not None and not update:
        elif cache.exists('songs_tags') and not update:
            self.all_songs_tags = cache.read('songs_tags')

src/m/p/mpdc-HEAD/mpdc/libs/lastfmhelper.py   mpdc(Download)
    def __init__(self):
        self.timeout = 0
        self.artists_tags = {}
        if cache.exists('artists_tags'):
            self.artists_tags = cache.read('artists_tags')
        self.albums_tags = {}
        if cache.exists('albums_tags'):
            self.albums_tags = cache.read('albums_tags')

src/m/p/mpdc-HEAD/mpdc/libs/collectionsmanager.py   mpdc(Download)
    def feed(self, force=False):
        if cache.exists('collections') and not force:
            self.collections = cache.read('collections')
            with open(self.path, 'r') as f: