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        def esc_quotes(s):
    return s.replace('"', '\\"')

src/m/p/mpdc-HEAD/mpdc/mpdc_collections.py   mpdc(Download)
from mpdc.initialize import mpd, collectionsmanager, cache, colors, columns, \
                            enable_pager, pager
from mpdc.libs.utils import input_box, esc_quotes, info, warning, colorize, \
from mpdc.libs.parser import parser
        if 'mpd_playlist' not in collection:
            print('Checking collection [{}]...'.format(alias))
            parser.parse('"' + esc_quotes(alias) + '"')
        for alias in collectionsmanager.c:
            songs = parser.parse('"' + esc_quotes(alias) + '"')
            if args.pattern in songs:
        if songs:
            for alias in collectionsmanager.c:
                s = parser.parse('"' + esc_quotes(alias) + '"')
                if args.pattern.strip(' \'"') != alias and songs.issubset(s):