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src/o/r/Orange-2.7.2/Orange/multilabel/__init__.py   Orange(Download)
from lp import LabelPowersetClassifier
from multiknn import MultikNNLearner
from multiknn import MultikNNClassifier

src/o/r/Orange-2.7.2/Orange/multilabel/mlknn.py   Orange(Download)
class MLkNNLearner(_multiknn.MultikNNLearner):
    Class implementing the ML-kNN (Multi-Label k Nearest Neighbours)
    algorithm. The class is based on the pseudo-code made available by
    the authors.

src/o/r/Orange-2.7.2/Orange/multilabel/brknn.py   Orange(Download)
class BRkNNLearner(_multiknn.MultikNNLearner):
    Class implementing the BR-kNN learner. 
    .. attribute:: k