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str(object='') -> string

Return a nice string representation of the object.
If the argument is a string, the return value is the same object.

src/m/y/mykvm-0.3.8/mykvm/main.py   mykvm(Download)
from mykvm import VERSION
from mykvm import BASE_IMAGES_PATH
from mykvm import IMAGES_PATH
from mykvm.model import NetDev
def usage():
    print("mykvm " + VERSION)
    print("Usage: mykvm command [<args>]")

src/m/y/mykvm-0.3.8/setup.py   mykvm(Download)
    name = "mykvm",
    version = mykvm.VERSION,
    packages = ['mykvm'],
    install_requires = ['ansible>=1.2', 'pyyaml>=3.10'],