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src/9/m/9ML-0.1.0/nineml/abstraction_layer/testing_utils/test_xml_write_read_write.py   9ML(Download)
from nineml.abstraction_layer import flattening
from nineml.abstraction_layer import validators
from nineml.utility import file_sha1_hexdigest
class TestXMLWriteReadWrite(object):
        print '    -- Checking the SHA1 Checksum of the two xml files:'
        hash1 = file_sha1_hexdigest(xmlfile1)
        hash2 = file_sha1_hexdigest(xmlfile2)
        print '      -->', hash1

src/9/m/9ML-0.1.0/test/functional/round_trip_xml_testing/test_components.py   9ML(Download)
# This is so we can use nineml2nmodl files
from nineml.utility import file_sha1_hexdigest