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src/n/i/ninja-ide-HEAD/ninja_ide/intellisensei/analyzer/analyzer.py   ninja-ide(Download)
#            function.decorators.append(decorator.id)
        if symbol.args.vararg is not None:
            assign = model.Assign(symbol.args.vararg)
            assign.add_data(symbol.lineno, '__builtin__.list', None, None)
            function.args[assign.name] = assign
        if symbol.args.kwarg is not None:
            assign = model.Assign(symbol.args.kwarg)
            elif arg.id == 'self':
            assign = model.Assign(arg.id)
            data_type = (model.late_resolution, None)
            if defaults:
    def _parse_tuple_in_func_arg(self, symbol_tuple, function, lineno=0):
        """Parse the tuple inside a function argument call."""
        for item in symbol_tuple.elts:
            assign = model.Assign(item.id)
            data_type = (model.late_resolution, None)