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A proxy object which is used to stand in for a corpus object
before the corpus is loaded.  This allows NLTK to create an object
for each corpus, but defer the costs associated with loading those
corpora until the first time that they're actually accessed.

The first time this object is accessed in any way, it will load
the corresponding corpus, and transform itself into that corpus
(by modifying its own ``__class__`` and ``__dict__`` attributes).

If the corpus can not be found, then accessing this object will(more...)

src/n/l/nltk-examples-HEAD/src/book/ch02_ex.py   nltk-examples(Download)

src/t/r/trivial_pursuit-HEAD/old/starter_code.py   trivial_pursuit(Download)

src/n/l/nltk_contrib-HEAD/nltk_contrib/coref/ne.py   nltk_contrib(Download)

src/t/r/trivial_pursuit-HEAD/trivialpursuitfunctions.py   trivial_pursuit(Download)

src/t/e/textblob-0.8.4/textblob/nltk/collocations.py   textblob(Download)

src/g/o/golismero-2.0.3-1/thirdparty_libs/nltk/collocations.py   golismero(Download)

src/t/e/TextBlob-HEAD/textblob/nltk/collocations.py   TextBlob(Download)

src/g/o/golismero-HEAD/thirdparty_libs/nltk/collocations.py   golismero(Download)

src/n/l/nltk-HEAD/nltk/collocations.py   nltk(Download)

src/c/l/clojure-nltk-HEAD/resources/nltk/collocations.py   clojure-nltk(Download)

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