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Recompute condition state for new C{object}.  This method invokes stored
C{predicate} (as passed to C{L{__init__}}) to calculate new state.

@type  object:     C{object}

@rtype:            C{bool}
@returns:          Whether the state has changed as a result of recomputing.

@raises exception: whatever C{predicate} raises, if anything.

src/p/y/py-notify-0.3.1/test/condition.py   py-notify(Download)
        predicate.store (test.simple_handler)
        predicate.update (10)
        test.assert_results (False, True)
        predicate.store (test.simple_handler)
        predicate.update (False)
        test.assert_results (False)
        predicate.store (test.simple_handler)
        predicate.update (10)
        predicate.update (20)
        predicate.update (-5)