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Type basestring cannot be instantiated; it is the base for str and unicode.

src/p/y/py-notify-0.3.1/notify/base.py   py-notify(Download)
from notify.mediator import AbstractMediator
from notify.signal   import AbstractSignal, Signal
from notify.utils    import execute, is_callable, is_valid_identifier, mangle_identifier, \
                            raise_not_implemented_exception, StringType

src/p/y/py-notify-0.3.1/benchmark/benchmarking.py   py-notify(Download)
import notify
from notify.utils        import raise_not_implemented_exception, ClassTypes, StringType

src/p/y/py-notify-0.3.1/test/variable.py   py-notify(Download)
from notify.variable import AbstractVariable, AbstractValueTrackingVariable, Variable, \
from notify.utils    import StringType
from test.__common   import NotifyTestCase, NotifyTestObject