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storing(self, handler, *arguments)

Create a context manager that will temporarily store object value using C{handler}
with C{arguments}.  Upon exit, returned context manager disconnects the handler from

particular, you can disconnect the handler yourself, before the context manager does
so.  Remember, however, that the context manager will still try to disconnect, so this
will give two disconnection of the handler.  If it is connected more than once, both(more...)

src/p/y/py-notify-0.3.1/test/_2_5/base.py   py-notify(Download)
        variable.value = 100
        with variable.storing (test.simple_handler):
            variable.value = 200
        variable.value = 100
        with nested (ignoring_exceptions (), variable.storing (test.simple_handler)):
            variable.value = 200
            raise Exception