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src/d/j/django-hotsauce-0.5.0/lib/notmm/dbapi/orm/decorators.py   Django-hotsauce(Download)
from functools import wraps
from notmm.controllers.schevo import SchevoController
from notmm.utils.wsgilib import HTTPRequest
                req = args[0]
            #assert isinstance(dbname, str), 'dbname should be a string, bummer!'
            wsgi_app = SchevoController(req, durus_db_name=dbname)
            req.db = wsgi_app.db

src/d/j/django-hotsauce-0.5.0/tests/dbapi/orm/schevo/test_controller.py   Django-hotsauce(Download)
import os
from notmm.controllers.schevo  import SchevoController
from notmm.utils.configparse   import loadconf
from notmm.utils.wsgilib       import HTTPRequest, HTTPResponse