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src/d/j/django-hotsauce-0.5.0/examples/moinmoin_server.py   Django-hotsauce(Download)
import wikiapp
from notmm.utils.http import daemonize, get_bind_addr
# Add the wikiconfig module in sys.path if not present
    # start the wsgi server
    s = daemonize(wsgi_app, bind_addr)

src/d/j/django-hotsauce-0.5.0/tools/httpserver.py   Django-hotsauce(Download)
    import argparse
from notmm.utils.http import HTTPServer, get_bind_addr, daemonize
from notmm.utils.configparse import loadconf
from notmm.utils.pastecompat import eval_import
        _("Authentication middleware disabled.")
    daemonize(wsgi_app, bind_addr)
if __name__ == "__main__":