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match(string[, pos[, endpos]]) --> match object or None.
Matches zero or more characters at the beginning of the string

src/n/o/nous.migration-0.7.1/src/nous/migration/tests.py   nous.migration(Download)
    assert x['class'] == 'sql'
    assert MIGRATION_SCRIPT_REGEX.match('201106200106_foo_bar_baz.py~') is None
    assert MIGRATION_SCRIPT_REGEX.match('__init__.py') is None
    assert MIGRATION_SCRIPT_REGEX.match('201109080106_downgrade.sql') is None
    assert MIGRATION_SCRIPT_REGEX.match('201109080106_upgrade.sql') is None
    assert MIGRATION_SCRIPT_REGEX.match('201109080106_foo_upgrade.sql') is not None