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src/c/g/cgptoolbox-0.1.2/cgp/cvodeint/core.py   cgptoolbox(Download)
        if f_data is not None:
        cvode.CVodeSetStopTime(self.cvode_mem, self.tstop) # set stop time
        # Specify how the Jacobian should be approximated

src/s/t/storm-analysis-HEAD/decon_storm/mlem_c.py   storm-analysis(Download)
import sys
from numpy.ctypeslib import ndpointer, as_ctypes
# define useful pointers

src/c/t/cTDMS-0.91/cTDMS/cTDMS.py   cTDMS(Download)
import numpy as NP
from numpy.ctypeslib import as_ctypes,  ndpointer
# change to Path, where the NI dlls are and load the nilibddc