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Convert instance to equivalent Polynomial series.

The `series` is expected to be an instance of some polynomial
series of one of the types supported by by the numpy.polynomial
module, but could be some other class that supports the convert

series : series(more...)

src/n/u/nupic-linux64-HEAD/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/numpy/polynomial/tests/test_classes.py   nupic-linux64(Download)
    # check that polynomial is monic
    p2 = Polynomial.cast(p1, domain=d, window=w)
    assert_almost_equal(p2.coef[-1], 1)

src/n/u/numpy-1.8.1/numpy/polynomial/tests/test_classes.py   numpy(Download)
    pdom = Polynomial.domain
    pwin = Polynomial.window
    p2 = Polynomial.cast(p1, domain=pdom, window=pwin)
    assert_almost_equal(p2.coef[-1], 1)