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src/o/e/oe-core-HEAD/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/sstatetests.py   oe-core(Download)
        actual_not_expected = [x for x in actual_remaining_sstate if x not in expected_remaining_sstate]
        self.assertFalse(actual_not_expected, msg="Files should have been removed but ware not: %s" % ', '.join(map(str, actual_not_expected)))
        expected_not_actual = [x for x in expected_remaining_sstate if x not in actual_remaining_sstate]
        self.assertFalse(expected_not_actual, msg="Extra files ware removed: %s" ', '.join(map(str, expected_not_actual)))

src/o/e/oe-core-HEAD/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/_sstatetests_noauto.py   oe-core(Download)
        self.assertFalse(failed_rebuild, msg="The following recipes have failed to rebuild: %s" % ' '.join(map(str, failed_rebuild)))
        self.assertFalse(failed_cleansstate, msg="The following recipes have failed cleansstate(all others have passed both cleansstate and rebuild from sstate tests): %s" % ' '.join(map(str, failed_cleansstate)))