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src/o/e/oe-core-HEAD/meta/lib/oeqa/controllers/masterimage.py   oe-core(Download)
    def deploy(self):
        # base class just sets the ssh log file for us
        super(MasterImageHardwareTarget, self).deploy()
        self.master = sshcontrol.SSHControl(ip=self.ip, logfile=self.sshlog, timeout=600, port=self.port)
        status, output = self.master.run("cat /etc/masterimage")
        bb.plain("%s - deploying image on target" % self.pn)
        status, output = self.master.run("cat /etc/masterimage")
        if status != 0:
            bb.fatal("No ssh connectivity or target isn't running a master image.\n%s" % output)