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Shipping method interface class

This is the superclass to the classes in methods.py, and a de-facto
superclass to the classes in models.py. This allows using all
shipping methods interchangeably (aka polymorphism).

The interface is all properties.

src/d/j/django-oscar-HEAD/tests/integration/order/creator_tests.py   django-oscar(Download)
from oscar.apps.order.models import Order
from oscar.apps.order.utils import OrderCreator
from oscar.apps.shipping.methods import Free, Base
from oscar.apps.shipping.repository import Repository
from oscar.core.loading import get_class
class Fixed(Base):
    code = 'test'
    charge_incl_tax = charge_excl_tax = D('5.00')
    is_tax_known = True

src/d/j/django-oscar-HEAD/tests/integration/offer/shipping_percentage_benefit_tests.py   django-oscar(Download)
class ExcludingTax(methods.Base):
    charge_excl_tax = D('10.00')
class IncludingTax(methods.Base):