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src/p/y/pycdep-0.0.2/src/pycdep/ProjectResolver.py   pycdep(Download)
        from path import path
        from oset import oset
        import logging
        self.paths_to_examine = oset([])
        self.files_to_examine = oset([])

src/s/l/sleipnir.heuristics-0.1.90/src/sleipnir/heuristics/sections.py   sleipnir.heuristics(Download)
# Import here any required modules.
from oset import oset as OrderedSet
from itertools import ifilter
    def children(self):
        """Iterator section elements"""
        if self.__children is None:
            children = self.__children = OrderedSet()
            if self.__ancestor is not None and self.__chfilter:
                children = OrderedSet([c for c in self.__ancestor if self.__chfilter(c)])
                "updated", ["added", "removed", None], self)
        self._children = OrderedSet()
        # Store Here Container Iterators
        self._cache = {}

src/s/t/Starter-0.3.0/starter/core.py   Starter(Download)
from inirama import InterpolationNamespace
from jinja2 import Environment, FileSystemLoader
from oset import oset
                    include = self.parser['templates'].pop(self.include_key)
                    include = filter(None, oset(
                        include.replace(' ', '').split(',')))
                    requirements = filter( # nolint
                        lambda t: not t in cache, to_template(include))

src/r/h/rhessysworkflows-1.22/bin/GenerateWorldTemplate.py   rhessysworkflows(Download)
import textwrap
from oset import oset
from ecohydrolib.grasslib import *
        print("Reading climate stations from raster: %s" % (grassMetadata['basestations_rast'],) )
    # Get list of base station IDs from raster
    rasterIds = oset()
    pipe = grassLib.script.pipe_command('r.stats', flags='licn', input=grassMetadata['basestations_rast'])
    for line in pipe.stdout:
        values = line.strip().split()
        if values[1] != 'NULL':
            rasterIds.add( int(values[0]) )
    # Get base station IDs from base station files
    baseIds = oset()

src/e/c/ecohydrolib-1.19/ecohydrolib/ssurgo/saxhandlers.py   ecohydrolib(Download)
import xml.sax
from oset import oset
class SSURGOFeatureHandler(xml.sax.ContentHandler):
    def __init__(self):
        self.results = list()
        self.elementStack = list()
        self.columnNames = oset()

src/e/c/ecohydrolib-1.19/ecohydrolib/ssurgo/attributequery.py   ecohydrolib(Download)
import socket
import httplib2
from oset import oset
from saxhandlers import SSURGOMUKEYQueryHandler
    data = list()
    representativeComponentDict = dict()
    derivedSet = oset()
    idx = 0

src/s/p/Spruce-collections-0.2.2/spruce/collections/_sets/_misc.py   Spruce-collections(Download)
class oset(_oset.oset):
    """An ordered set.
    .. seealso:: :mod:`oset` from :pypi:`oset`