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Lockfile implemented as a Unix PID file.

The PID file is named by the attribute `path`. When locked,
the file will be created with a single line of text,
containing the process ID (PID) of the process that acquired
the lock.

The lock is acquired and maintained as per `LinkFileLock`.

src/m/p/mpd-myfm-HEAD/daemon/runner.py   mpd-myfm(Download)
            error = ValueError("Not an absolute path: %(path)r" % vars())
            raise error
        lockfile = pidlockfile.PIDLockFile(path)
    return lockfile

src/p/i/picdaemon-1.2.0-0/picdaemon/daemoncontext.py   picdaemon(Download)
import atexit
from pidlockfile import PIDLockFile